From: Exit News
Serbia Receives 11 Planes with Coronavirus Aid from Russia

Serbia received 11 planes with medical equipment from Russia in the last two days, to help the country’s fight against coronavirus, Radio Free Europe reported.

Supplies include ventilators and medicine. They are part of an agreement between presidents Aleksandar Vucic and Vladimir Putin, the Serbian Defense Ministry reportedly said.

“On Friday, the aid arrived in six planes, while during the night and this morning five more planes landed at Batajnica Airport,” they stated.

Russia has also send 87 army medics and “16 pieces of military equipment”, according to the Moscow Times.

Serbia has reported 1,476 people infected with coronavirus and 39 dead.

Three weeks ago, President Alexandar Vucic blasted the European Union for lack of solidarity with his country, and for allegedly blocking the export of medical equipment from the union, while praising China and “brother” President Xi Jinping.

The statement was followed by aid coming from the EU and China.