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Serbian Interior Minister: Unification of Serbs in One State Has Begun, It Cannot Be Stopped

Serbian Minister of Interior Aleksandar Vulin has stated that President Aleksandar Vucic has started the process of unification of all Serbs in the region under one state, and that it cannot be stopped.

Vulin spoke of the need for all Serbs living in different countries in the Western Balkans to come under one country – what he called “the Serbian World” – as the only way to solve the so-called “national question of Serbs”, stop the alleged genocide against Serbs in the region. Moreover, the unification of Serbs would bring peace to the region, he said, and stop the creation of the so-called “Greater Albania”.

“I believe that the creation of the Serbian World solves the national question of Serbs, that it stops the spread of ‘Greater Albania’, guarantees Serbs that genocide against them will never happen again, and above all ensures long-lasting peace in the Balkans,” Vulin said on Saturday, Serbian news agency Beta reported.

The minister said Serbs have been under perpetual genocide in the region, until President Aleksandar Vucic started their unification, which is now unstoppable.

“People who have experienced repeated genocide in every generation and always from the same perpetrators have no right to leave their children the opportunity to experience the extermination of their compatriots in parts of the nation where they are not protected by the state. Thanks to Vucic, Serbs have become a single political people, the process of unification has begun and it can no longer be stopped,” he stressed.

Vulin said that living under the roof of the European Union is not a solution for Serbs while they stay scattered in different countries.

“It is forgotten that we have lived like this for centuries, in the Ottoman Empire, for several decades in Austro-Hungary, and for four years under the command of the Third Reich,” he clarified, adding that “it is not a solution for all Serbs to live together in a foreign country, but for the majority of Serbs to live in their own country.”

Serbia under President Aleksandar Vucic is working to enter the European Union, and has made more progress than the rest of the region.

At the same time, it has strengthened ties with Russia and China, as well as its military capability with supplies from both countries.

It recently held a major military exercise using heavy equipment purchased from Russia at the same time when NATO and its allies started a military exercise in the region.

Serbia has refused to join NATO, has refused to join EU sanctions against Russia, and claims to be strengthening its army in order to protect the country from invasion.

The Western Balkans was the ground to the most horrific atrocities committed in Europe since WWII in Europe, when Serbia under President Slobodan Milosevic fought Bosniaks, Croats, and Albanians of Kosovo who wanted to create independent states upon breaking from Yugoslavia.

Vulin compared the process of unification of Serbs in one state with that of the two Germanies after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“No one was bothered by the fact that the Germans united and thus ended the revision of the results of WWII, but everyone is bothered that Serbs want to live in one state,” he noted.

It comes at a time when media in the region have published alleged unofficial proposals purportedly made to the EU by officials of member states, asking to redraw maps in the region and create ethnically clean states. No one has admitted authorship of these documents.


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