From: Exit Staff
Serious Crimes Prosecution Office ‘Dismantled’, SPAK to Take Over Functions

The High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) has transferred all the remaining Serious Crimes Prosecutors to district prosecution offices.

This means that the Serious Crimes prosecution Office is practically dismantled. Part of its functions will be carried out by the Special Anti-corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK) which now has 8 of its 10 members.

This is the list of transferred prosecutors and their new offices:

Tirana District Prosecution Office

  • Arens Çela
  • Blerim Tominaj
  • Besim Hajdarmataj
  • Doloreza Musabelliu
  • Elisabeta Imeraj
  • Manjola Kajana
  • Vladimir Mara
  • Sonila Muhametaj
  • Pranvera Pustina
  • Donika Prela

Shkodra District Prosecution Office

  • Përparim Kulluri

Korça District Prosecution Office

  • Eugen Beci

Tirana Appeal Prosecution Office

  • Artan Bajrami
  • Arta Marku

On November 25, the KLP nominated 8 of the 10 SPAK prosecutors required by the Constitution, and it opened the call for application for Chief of SPAK. The nominations will enter into force after prosecutors take their oath in front of the President on December 19.