Shijak Inhabitants Protest against Waste Processing Plant

Around 300 inhabitants from Shijak protested today against the construction of a waste processing plant for hospital waste and the remains of humans and infected animals. They claim that they have not been asked about this project, which produces toxic pollution that affects the area.

The company this has acquired the right to manage the plant is called Jamarbër Group shpk, founded in March 2017 and without previous experience in waste management. According to the report provided to receive a permit, drafted in the same month of March and provided to the Ministry of Environment, the company will build a waste collection center covering 100 sq m.

The hospital waste, such syringes, tools, body parts, organs, blood, and remains of infected animals, as well as medication will be sterilized in an autoclave, after which they can be deposited at a waste deposit.

According to the Regional Environmental Directorate, Jamarbër has held to public hearings on June 6, 2017, at 10:00 and 11:00. However, at none of the meeting the project documentation was made available, as is required by the Law on Public Consultation.

The inhabitants of Shijak deny that the two hearings were held. They claim that the company agreed to hold a meeting today, which still as not started. They also claim that the company has started its activities and is in fact burning waste during the night, producing toxic smoke.

Video material from Report TV shows some of the conditions inside the waste processing plant.