From: Exit News
Six Judges Apply for Three Vacancies at Albanian High Judicial Council

Six judges have applied to fill three vacancies at the High Judicial Council (KLGJ), the state authority responsible for the appointment, discharge, transfer, or evaluation of judges of first instance courts and courts of appeal.

The High Court of Albania released the list of candidates today, and it will proceed to review their files over the upcoming week.

KLGJ is one of the new institutions created in the framework of Albania’s justice reform. It is composed of 11 members—six judges, and five lawyers.

The terms in office of five of its current members expire on December 12, 2021. Three judges and two non-judicial members are to be replaced. Candidates had until September 3rd to submit their applications.

The Qualification Commission at the High Court will decide if the candidates meet the criteria to be elected to KLGJ.

A National Judicial Conference of all Albanian judges will elect the new judges appointed to KLGJ. Parliament will be responsible for electing the two non-judicial members.

The High Judicial Council is responsible for appointing, overseeing, and training judges. It also proposes candidates for the High Court to the Albanian President, in addition to setting the ethical standards and the budget to which Albanian courts must abide.