From: Exit Staff
SPAK Shortlists 18 Candidates for Chair of National Bureau of Investigation

A special commission has approved 18 of the 40 candidates for Chair of the National Bureau of Investigation (BKH), and dismissed the rest from running for the post.

The commission composed of the Chair of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK) and two SPAK prosecutors decided that 22 of the candidates did not meet the criteria.

The qualified candidates for BKH Chair, also called “the Albanian FBI”, are:

  1. Adriatik Ago
  2. Agim Ismaili
  3. Aida Veizaj
  4. Ardian Çipa
  5. Artan Pjetërnikaj
  6. Artan Shkëmbi
  7. Artur Beu
  8. Atnan Shehu
  9. Blerina Bajollari
  10. Eduart Merkaj
  11. Endrit Hoxha
  12. Ervin Hodaj
  13. Gentian Hilla
  14. Gentjan Shehaj
  15. Idajet Faskaj
  16. Lindita Nushi
  17. Pëllumb Seferi
  18. Ylli Pjetërnikaj

The National Bureau of Investigation is a specialized structure of the Judicial Police, working at SPAK, which investigates crimes by senior officials and organized crime.

Its chair will be recommended by a SPAK commission composed of its chair and two most experienced prosecutors. The screening of candidates is expected to take about 2 months.

The High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) will then appoint the BKH Chair for a 5-year term, with the right to be reappointed once.