From: Exit News
Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Lunches Investigation into Tirana Mayor for Demolition of Theater

The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution has launched an investigation into the demolition of the National Theater.

Case prosecutor Ervin Kondilli has seized documents from the Municipality of Tirana regarding the procedure followed before and during the demolition of the two theater buildings.

Kondilli has put together in one case the two lawsuits by the Alliance for the Protection of Theater: one against Mayor Veliaj and another against engineers of the Institute of Construction who signed the report requiring the demolition.

Veliaj is accused of abuse of office and corruption.

The engineers are accused of signing a report on May 14 recommending the demolition of the theater, without inspecting or visiting the theater. They based their report on a previous one from 2018, and concluded that the theater should be demolished. The engineers of the latest report are not the same ones who wrote the 2018 report.