From: Exit Staff
Swedish Ambassador Questions Albanian Government’s Need to Regulate Online Media

Swedish Ambassador to Albania Elsa Hastad has criticized the Albanian government move to pass two draft laws allegedly regulating online media in the country. Journalists and international organizations consider the laws as infringing upon the media freedom.

In an interview with News 24 TV, Ambassador Hastad has emphasized the relevance of freedom of expression and media freedom in democratic societies. “I am very critical towards laws that attempt to control the media in any country,” she told News 24.

The Ambassador called for caution before deciding to draft new laws, reminding legislators that this is not always the best way forward.

“Capacity building may be needed, but I’m not sure about legislation. I think we have to be careful when we come up with new legislation in the field of media,” she stated.

The ruling Socialist majority is expected to approve to laws today in Parliament, despite criticism by a number of international and local organizations, national ombudsman, and protests by journalists.