Taulant Balla and Ardi Veliu Deny Meeting with Fred Alizoti

Yesterday the head of the SP Parliamentary Group Tauland Balla and the General Director of the State Police Ardi Veliu denied having ever met with Fred Alizoti, as the latter claimed in a hidden video recording made public by MP Ervin Salianji on the same day.

In a press release, the State Police denied all of Alizoti’s statements in the video, adding that all is untrue. The press release stresses that:

The General Director of the State Police has on no occasion, in no circumstance, and in no capacity been accompanying, contacting, or interacting in any other form with the citizen Alfred Alizoti. For all those interested, the fact that the General Director has had other engagements on the day citizen Alizoti has been accompanied to the Serious Crimes Prosecution is easily verifiable.

Here Alizoti is talking about July 1, when according to him Police Director Ardi Veliu accompanied him in Veliu’s car to the premises of the Grave Crimes Prosecution,  in order for Alizoti to testify that he acted the voice of Agron Xhafaj in the hidden recording to get a payment by DP in return.

Additionally, Taulant Balla told journalists that he never met Fredi Alizoti and that the hidden recording made public yesterday was fabricated by the opposition:

Last evening’s Salianji case at TV Klan was a shameful one. In this concrete case, Salianji or Luli [Lulzim Basha], as master directors of this plot, in my assessment, risk the criminal charge of hiding a crime.

Let the prosecution clarify these issues. This issue was created by PD. I never met Fredi Alizoti.

Yesterday morning, on October 10 the Serious Crimes Prosecution took possession of the video recording made public the day before by MP Ervin Salianji.