From: Alice Taylor
Taulant Balla Claims War Crimes Commission is “Fact Finding” Mission

The chairman of the Socialist Party parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, explained to reporters on Tuesday the object of the special commission for the investigation of alleged crimes committed by the KLA after the Kosovo war.

“The Special Commission is a fact-finding commission for allegations that war crimes have been committed in Albania. There is no special commission to clarify Lulzim Basha’s involvement or moral responsibilities”, said Balla.

According to Balla, the Commission’s conclusions will be sent to the CoE Assembly to launch “a legal battle to clarify everything related to allegations that there were war crimes in Albania during the Kosovo war.”

To the question why this commission was set up now and not earlier, Balla answers that:

“Without accusations, we all believed that the stories related to war crimes in Albania were clarified once and for all.”

He stressed that the commission will not investigate anything about the ‘Yellow House’, as there is no evidence of this event in any report.

Over the last two weeks, the PS has made a number of extraordinary accusations against PD Chairman Lulzim Basha. These have been condemned by international human rights organisation Human Rights Watch.