From: Exit News
This Week in Albania’s Judicial Reform

As the judicial vetting process continues in Albania, we present you with the latest developments in justice reform this week.

On Monday, the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) confirmed the appointment of judge Valbon Çekrezi, at the Durrës Court of Appeal. Nevertheless, the Commission decided to forward to the High Inspector of Justice, a previous case reviewed by judge Çekrezi.

On Tuesday, KPK dismissed prosecutor Gentian Stoja​ at the Prosecutor’s Office of Korça. The decision was taken by the majority of votes.  Judge Stoja received a negative assessment during his vetting procedure, with regards to his family wealth and the proficiency on his decision-making in several cases.

On Wednesday, KPK confirmed the appointment of judge Besmir Stroka at the Court of Shkodra. Judge Besmir Stroka received a positive assessment in all three vetting assessment categories (background, proficiency, and assets).

Also on Wednesday, KPK dismissed judge Tomorr Kullolli, at the Court of Elbasan. The Commission found several financial inaccuracies that could not justify the assets owned by the judge and the education of his children at universities in France and Italy.  

On Friday, KPK dismissed judge Luveda Dardha, at the Shkodra District Court. During the hearings, the Commission found financial inaccuracies in the payments made towards the loan for her apartment. According to judge Dardha, an upstart amount of €36,000 was given to her by her parents who had been ambulant vendors many years ago and couldn’t prove legal documentations to justify the sources behind this sum.