TIMS System Manipulated in Tahiri Case

The prosecutor of former Minister of the Interior Saimir Tahiri’s case, Besim Hajdarmataj, voiced today suspicions that there may have been interference into the Total Information Management System (TIMS), which records entries and exits at the border, on the behalf of Tahiri and the Habilaj gang.

According to Hajdarmataj, proof was found in the case that does not match the TIMS records:

There has been interference into TIMS, not only regarding Tahiri’s comings and goings, but other persons, as well, as is the case of Moisi Habilaj. However, I will give later explanations regarding this issue and they will be revealed at the end of the investigation.

Furthermore, Hajdarmataj showed that in the events of August 2014, when Saimir Tahiri and former Deputy Minister of Interior Elona Gjebrea met Artan Habilaj in Greece, and then both parties crossed the border to Albania in different vehicles, Artan Habilaj’s entrance in the country has not been recorded in TIMS.

At the time of his return, there is no record of the fact that Artan Habilaj, the police officer, and the mechanic, have entered Albania with the malfunctioning boat.

If the prosecutor’s statements are true, then two different possible scenarios emerge:

  • Artan Habilaj’s entry in Albania has been recorded in TIMS, and someone, afterwards, erased the record.
  • The border police, being aware of who Artan Habilaj was, did not record his entry into the system.

In both scenarios, the conclusion is rather evident: during all these years, the State Police has been, as a gift from Tahiri, at the beck and call of the Habilaj gang.