Tirana Court Rules MP Doshi Innocent, One Year Imprisonment for Mark Frroku

Yesterday, the Tirana Court ruled MP Tom Doshi innocent, and sentenced former MP Mark Frroku to one year in prison for “false reporting” in the case of Doshi’s supposed assassination attempt.

The incident took place in 2015, when Doshi accused President Ilir Meta, at the time serving as Speaker of Parliament, of having ordered an attempt on Doshi’s life. Mark Frroku, at the time serving as MP, as the person who alerted Doshi of Meta’s alleged plans.

Though Doshi and Frroku were both being accused of “false reporting,” according to the prosecution, it was Frroku who presented Doshi with the assassination scenario, therefore the Court saw it fit to convict Frroku, but not Doshi.

Seeing as both defendants had requested a shortened trial, the prison sentenced will be truncated from a year to 8 months. Frroku will carry out this sentence by doing community service.

It is worth noting, here, that Mark Frroku has just been released from prison after having carried out his sentences for “concealing his wealth,” “money laundering,” and “illegal construction.”