From: Exit Staff
Tirana Man Arrested for Locking Up Family for Six Years

A 52-year-old man has been arrested in Tirana for keeping his wife and two children locked in a home without water or electricity for up to six years while physically and emotionally abusing them.

In collaboration with the State Police, the Directorate of Anti-Terrorism raided the house following reports from concerned neighbours. The anti-terrorist specialists had also received information he was radical in his religious beliefs.

The police notification reads: “Because of his radical beliefs, he kept his wife and minor children locked up for more than six years, and systematically abused them…two cutting tools, knives, and military ammunition were found in the property.”

According to authorities, he was previously convicted of carrying weapons without a permit.

The man had allegedly kept his wife and children locked up for up to six years, even refusing to allow the children to attend school. He regularly threatened them with weapons and even blocked the windows to prevent them from looking outside.

Neighbours told the media that when the family’s previous home was demolished, the man became mentally unstable and threatened to jump from the top of a building to his death. Since then, they became reclusive, with only him being seen coming and going from the second property, which is also illegally constructed and does not have any water or electricity connections.

They said the man only left for work sometimes and to attend Friday prayers at the mosque, which also brought them food occasionally.

Following police intervention, the woman and her children have been taken to a rehabilitation centre while the accused remains in custody.