From: Exit News
Tirana Mayor Promptly Cleans City Up After Protests Following Police Killing of Klodian Rasha

Tirana mayor Erion Veliaj seemingly made sure that, on Saturday morning, no sign of the protests that took place last night as a result of Klodian Rasha’s killing by the police remains in Tirana.

With the protest still ongoing, municipal workers begun cleaning up the streets where protesters faced the police.

Outraged over the killing of the 25-year-old by a police officer, protesters overturned and burned several trash cans.

The police used tear gas, pepper spray, and water cannons to disperse them.

Rasha’s killing has sparked outrage and protests throughout the country.

Protests took place in several cities, even after Minister of Interior Sandër Lleshaj resigned.

Citizens are demanding the head of the State Police Ardi Veliu resign as well. However, Prime Minister Edi Rama has insisted that will not happen.