From: Exit News
Tirana Mayor to Name Street Where Klodian Rasha Was Killed after Him

Tirana mayor Erion Veliaj will name the street where Klodian Rasha was killed by the police after the late young man.

In a public appearance, Veliaj claimed that naming the street after Klodian Rasha was the wish of the young man’s father. “[Rasha’s] father said ‘I want to pass here and, at least, when I see the name plaque, it will feel like I meet him everyday’,” Veliaj said.

The mayor said that he will pass the proposal on to the municipal council the following week.

He also took the opportunity to condemn the protests that followed the killing of Klodian Rasha, accusing minors that participated in them of being used politically to “destroy the city.”

Rasha’s father, Veliaj claimed, told the mayor that coming to Tirana from Dibra was a dream come true for him and he would never damage the city.