Tirana’s Outer Ring Road – The Government Insists On Project That Will Demolish The Homes Of 600 Families

Despite the Astir citizens’ constant protests against the government’s reconstruction of Tirana’s outer ring road, the official plans remain the same.

So far, the government has attempted to suppress protest by any means, initially by using the carrot of compensation for registered property and then with the stick of taking citizens into custody.

According to the project approved by the government, to make way for the reconstruction, 317 residences will be demolished, and the process of legalization for 163 of these will be halted. Nearly 600 families will be affected by this decision, and they have taken to the streets these past few days to protest the government’s plans.

On September 17, the government announced the tender for the reconstruction of part of Tirana’s outer ring road, from what is known as the “Pallati me Shigjeta” to the Shqiponja roundabout. The reconstruction is supposed to cost approximately €40 million.

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