From: Exit News
Transitional Government Excluded from Electoral Reform Agenda

Discussion of a transitional government has been removed from the agenda of the Electoral Reform Political Committee, as it was not part of the OSCE-ODIHR electoral system change recommendations.

The decision was taken today during the meeting of the four Political Committee members, Damian Gjiknuri, Rudina Hajdari, Petrit Vasili, and Oerd Bylykbashi.

It remains unclear whether talks of a joint transitional government between the opposition and the majority will continue outside of the Political Committee discussions.

A joint transitional government has been the Democratic Party’s principal demand with regards to the electoral reform, as the only way to ensure “free and fair elections.”

However, the Socialist majority has never agreed to consider this demand, claiming that discussions of a transitional government did not fall within the jurisdiction of the Electoral Reform Political Committee.