Exit News


Exit News is committed to transparency and accountability.

In 2020, we were approached to participate in the Journalism Trust Initiative, spearheaded by Reporters Without Borders, the Ethical Journalism Network, and with support from UNESCO and the European Commission.

The process involved completing a self-assessment in an ISO-style format. This included evidence of meeting standards relating to editorial guidelines, transparency, ownership, structure, funding sources, revenue, hiring policies, fact-checking policies, and accountability. These criteria were drawn up by over 100 global media organizations, universities, and specialists in the field.

The second stage of the process was to publish this information publicly for anyone that wishes to view it. You can see the document here.

Show Transparency Report

Exit News will update it periodically. Exit News is currently the first platform in the Balkans to complete this initiative and publish the results.

The third stage was to engage an external auditor to verify our self-assessment and confirm whether what we have declared is correct. This process is due to conclude, and we will publish the report by Deloitte here once it is available.

Exit News is also a member of the International Press Institute, a global organization dedicated to promoting press freedom and improving journalistic standards. It was founded in 1950 and had members in more than 120 countries. Members of Exit’s team are also undergoing training from the IPI on a variety of subjects.

In early 2020, Albania launched the country’s very first self-regulation board called the Ethical Media Alliance. Exit News was a founding member of the initiative, supported by UNESCO and the EU. Exit was then elected by peers to the board of the Alliance, which regularly convenes to issue advice, rulings, and guidance on potential violations of journalistic ethics.

We also display the Alliance button on every page, meaning if someone has a concern regarding one of our articles, they can click the button to file a complaint. In cases where a complaint is made against Exit, we would not participate in that board meeting.

Exit News has also appointed the Albanian Media Council as its ombudsman and has pledged to be bound by the Council’s decision in the case of any complaints.