From: Exit Staff
Turkey to Construct 500 Apartments in Quake-Hit Areas in Albania

The Turkish government are set to build 500 residential houses, a business center, a public school, and municipal buildings in Laç and Thumanë, following the 26 November earthquake.

The announcement was made by Minister for Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj and Turkish Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Murat Kurum after their meeting today in Tirana.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised Prime Mister Edi Rama in early December that Turkey will help by constructing 500 apartments, and by lobbying for donations with Muslim-majority countries.

Ahmetaj said: “Today we discussed in more detail the housing project that goes beyond simply building housing, but taking the form of a new urban-economic development.” He added that the drafting of the project will be completed by July.

In early December, Murat Ahmet Yoruk, the Turkish ambassador to Tirana said that the project would be designed and built by the Turkish state itself.

Also announced today is the date of the Donor’s Conference that will take place in Brussels, on February 17, to help Albania cope with the consequences of the 26 November quake. 

At present, there are over 10,000 people living in tents. Those who have been granted rental bonuses by the government have struggled to find rental accommodation due to price increases of as much as 30%.