From: Exit Staff
Turkish Company Starts Construction of 524 Apartments in Lac for Families Impacted by Earthquake

The construction of 524 apartments for families who lost their homes during the November 2019 earthquake, has started in Lac.

Built by a Turkish company with Turkish money, the construction is scheduled to be finished by next August. The announcement was made by a representative of the firm, on Prime Minister Edi Rama’s Facebook page.

The company has hired around 40 Albanian workers while the rest will come from Turkey.

Rama said the work would have started sooner but was delayed by COVID-19. He added that such projects also require time for design, planning, surveys, and geological studies.

On July 2, the Minister for Reconstruction, Arben Ahmetaj, announced the signing of an agreement with the Turkish state for cooperation in the construction of 522 new apartments in Lac.

The project also envisages the construction of service and commercial facilities, underground parking, green spaces and a 9-year school. While the Albanian government will rebuild the town square and the building of the Municipality of Laç.