From: Exit Staff
Two More Scandals Unearthed in Investigations in COVID-19 Hospitals

Another scandal has been reported in the state hospital of Tirana.

Last week, a cleaner at the Shefqet Ndroqi hospital was arrested for fraud. An investigation exposed how the woman had posed as a nurse in order to extort bribes from the family member of a woman hospitalised with COVID-19.

The accused had promised the family that she would take care of the patient and that the money was being passed to other doctors and nurses to ensure better care for her. The woman died at the end of December.

This week, through an investigation on “Stop”, an individual claimed that following his fathers hospitalisation in COVID-19, someone from within the hospital had stolen his wallet.

The son said that before his father was admitted, he had given him the wallet containing an ATM card and pin code. Two days before his father died, money was withdrawn from the ATM with the card he left in the wallet.

According to Stop, the matter was reported to the police but there is still no indication of how withdrawals were made at 08:00am on the morning of 25 December near the University Hospital Centre.

Another investigative show, Fiks Fare then published another incident. A young woman claimed that in the morgue of Tirana, the oxygen device belonging to her father was stolen after he died from COVID-19. According to hospital records, it was amongst the belongings taken to the morgue, but from there it was not able to be located.