From: Exit Staff
U.S. Envoy Says Presidents of Serbia and Kosovo Have Not Discussed Land Swap with Him

U.S. special envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue has repeated that he has never discussed or been present in any discussion about a land swap deal between the two countries.

Grenell’s reaction came after today’s press conference by Kosovo’s acting Prime Minister Albin Kurti, who accused him of being instrumental in the toppling of his government less than a month ago.

Although Kurti has continuously claimed that Presidents of Kosovo and Serbia have discussed and are ready to agree on a land swap deal, he hasn’t accused Grenell of being present in their discussions on redrawing borders.

Kurti has claimed that Grenell and the U.S. administration are interested in a quick deal before the U.S. presidential elections, and are not much concerned about its content.

Grenell has failed to exclude land swap as an option for the deal so far, whilst Presidents of Kosovo and Serbia have been promoting the idea since 2018.