From: Exit Staff
UN: Albanian Quake Victims in ‘Urgent Need’ for Winter Tents

Albanian earthquake victims “urgently” need 934 winter tents, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The OCHA has estimated that between 7 and 12 thousand people left homeless by the earthquake are living in tents.

Exit News found that the cost for a standard tent varies between $1100 and $2300, according to size–24m², 48m² and 72m².

A winter tent costs $2250–$3800. If a solid floor would be added, the cost would jump to $3250–$8600.

According to this cost estimation, the Albanian government would need to spend $3–6 million to provide earthquake victims with the 934 tents needed.

Victims in Mamurras told Exit News that over 300 families in the area were living in simple “summer” tents that do not provide protection from cold.