From: Exit News
UN Sets Out $97 Million Coronavirus Recovery Plan for Albania 

The United Nations in Albania has published a $97 million plan for the socio-economic recovery of the country after the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is in line with the government’s plan, and it’s projected to be implemented in 12-18 months.

The UN plan sets out five pillars, related activities and budget, which will help Albania recover from the pandemic.

The five pillars of the UN recovery plan

Health First: Strengthening public health, laboratories, testing capacity; improving rapid response, case investigation and surveillance; strengthening points of entry in airports, seaports, land borders; infection prevention and control; operational support and logistics; support delivery of vaccine; increase health system resilience towards universal health coverage; healthcare waste management. The estimated budget is $59 million.

Protecting People: Expanding pro-poor social inclusion and protection; support access to education for children; supports women affected by violence; provide access to services for refugees. The estimated budget is $10.8 million.

Economic Response and Recovery: Economic measures to support informal and vulnerable workers; building a resilient tourism sector; women’s economic empowerment; nature-based response. The estimated budget is $17 million.

Macroeconomic Response: Supporting INSTAT for the best possible collection and processing of pandemic data, strengthening the country’s capacity to respond to food system crises caused by disasters and emergencies.  The estimated budget is $865,000.

Social Cohesion and Community Resilience: Inclusive social dialogue and political engagement; community participation and equitable service delivery; governance, fundamental freedoms, and rule of law; women’s political participation. The estimated budget is $9.2 million.