From: Exit Staff
United States Call for Termination of UN Mission in Kosovo

The United States called for an end to the mandate of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) at the latest meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday.

US ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis said that UNMIK did not play a crucial role in resolving the latest conflict between Kosovo and Serbia over license plates in September. Rather, that role was better served by the NATO-led forces of KFOR.

DeLaurentis argued that UNMIK has fulfilled its purpose and the mission should close, so that its sources can be redirected where they are most needed.

UNMIK was established in 1999, following NATO’s intervention to end the war in Kosovo. The mission’s aim was to establish a civilian presence that would act also as an interim government.

Although Kosovo declared independence in 2008, UNMIK continues to represent the country in regional forums and trade agreements.

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani echoed the US’s position, saying that UNMIK was established “under extremely different circumstances,” and that Kosovo’s current situation provides “sufficient evidence” that UNMIK has overstayed its mandate.