From: Exit Staff
US Ambassador Calls against Reelection of MP Barred from Entering the US    

US Ambassador Yuri Kim has reminded the country’s institutions and voters that in 2018 MP Tom Doshi was barred from entering the United States, and called for him to be kept out of parliament.

On Monday, Ambassador Kim reposted the US State Department’s designation of the ruling majority member of parliament Tom Doshi as ineligible for entry into the United States, due to his involvement in significant corruption. 

“As Albania’s election authorities prepare elections, it is worth recalling this designation, which was made by the US Secretary of State after careful review of information. Surely, Albania’s voters deserve better than this,” Ambassador Kim stated.

Doshi was elected MP with the Social Democratic Party (PSD), in coalition with the ruling Socialist Party.

Former mayor of  Durres Vangjush Dako and his family are also in the same list of people who cannot enter the U.S.

Ambassador Kim has repeatedly called during the recent weeks on party leaders to exclude people with criminal pasts from electoral lists.

Prime Minister Edi Rama replied that party leaders cannot check the pasts of each potential candidate, and that this is the duty of other institutions.