From: Exit News
US Balkans Representative Does Not Rule Out Kosovo-Serbia Land Swap

United States special representative for the Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer has told EUobserver that the US will encourage opening of dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo. Palmer said that the parameters for such a dialogue would be up to the countries to establish.

When asked regarding the possible land swap between the neighboring countries, Palmer did not rule it out, preferring instead to reassert that US priorities rested with bringing the parties to the negotiating table. “We’d like to see mutual recognition between Serbia and Kosovo as the outcome of the [negotiation] process,” said Palmer.

The US representative refused to comment when asked whether the American stance would contradict that of Germany, who has claimed that a land swap agreement could lead to the destabilization of the entire region. However, in October, US Ambassador to Albania, Ms Yuri Kim, labelled any border change in the region “not helpful.” 

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