From: Exit News
US Chamber of Commerce Urges Government for ‘Immediate Measures’ to Support Businesses

The American Chamber of Commerce has urged the Albanian government to take three immediate steps to ease the burden on businesses from the lockdown due to coronavirus.

  • Postponing the timelines required for financial reporting, the filing and payment of the VAT, the annual notification of controlled transactions;
  • Eliminating all fiscal obligations for at least three months, and for six months for businesses in the tourism sector.
  • Creating an emergency fund that will allow businesses quick access to capital, through grants or long-term loans.

“We urge the Government of Albania to develop a parallel emergency plan in support of the business community to prevent a deep economic crisis from sapping the economic health of the country,” the Chamber said in a press statement on Tuesday.

They also offered the Albanian government their expertise in drafting measures that will help businesses overcome the challenges imposed by the lockdown.