From: Exit Staff
US Diplomats Palmer and Kim Discuss Albania’s Politics and Stance on Iran

Recent developments in Albania regarding its stance on Iran and the agreement between the opposition and majority to co-draft an electoral reform were the focus of today’s meeting between the newly confirmed US Ambassador to Albania Yuri Kim and Deputy Assistant Secretary and Special Representative for the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer.

The US Embassy informed on its Facebook page that the two diplomats discussed “Albania’s courageous and principled stance on Iran”, after Prime Minister Edi Rama’s government expelled two more Iranian diplomats from the country yesterday.

They also welcomed the “positive news on cross-party commitment to achieving electoral reform in line with OSCE/ODIHR recommendations”, following an agreement between the opposition and Rama two days ago.

Ambassador Kim also met with Democrat Congressman Eliot Engel, also Chair of the Congressional Albanian Issues Caucus.

The new ambassador will fill the post left vacant since July, when former Ambassador Donald Lu’s term ended.