From: Exit Staff
US Earthquake Donation Goes to Establishing ‘Transparency Academy’ in Albania

In the wake of the international donors’ conference held in Brussels on February 17 with the purpose of aiding reconstruction efforts after the earthquake that struck Albania in November 2019, concerns were raised regarding the transparency with which the government would manage the more than €1 billion received in international aid.

US Ambassador Yuri Kim has attempted to calm such concerns yesterday in a tweet predicting the establishment of “a new US-Albanian Transparency Academy to support transparent governance, citizen-responsive governance, anti-corruption training & judicial reform,” funded at least in part by “US donation.”

Such an institution was also mentioned by United States special representative for the Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer, in his remarks at the donors’ conference, who also stated that this establishment came “at the direct request of the Prime Minister.” However, no further information regarding the concrete structure and functions of this institution has been made public so far.