Vau i Dejës Deputy Mayor Arrested after Election Materials Damaged

Police arrested 14 people for damaging election supplies in a polling station last night in Bushat, Shkodër. The deputy mayor of Vau i Dejës, an opposition member, is among those arrested.

The opposition denounced the incident as a false flag operation set up by the government in order to blame the opposition for inciting violence during the local election which the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Edi Rama has decided to hold this weekend, in violation of the President’s decree setting a new election date for October 13th.

Opposition Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration both condemned the attack on the polling stating and called for investigations into the culprits, adding that the opposition had nothing to do with it. They called on opposition supporters to refrain from any act that might be interpreted as violating the right of people to vote during the elections held by the Socialist Party.

The governing Socialist Party campaign chief in Shkodër, MP Tom Doshi, blamed the opposition for the attack. He assured the public that he had arranged with the Central Election Commission for new election supplies “to arrive by plane from Spain” before the election date, June 30th.

The opposition blamed Prime Minister Edi Rama and local strongman MP Tom Doshi as the masterminds behind the attack on the polling station.

The government has arrested hundreds of opposition supporters and local party leaders during the last weeks.