Veliera Square Archeology Disappears under Concrete

According to the blog Amfora, the construction company working at Veliera Square in Durrës has covered the archeological finds from the Roman period with concrete. The archeological layers that have been made inaccessible contained, according to the National Council of Archeology (KKA), a “Roman pillar,” from the 2nd century CE.

The finds were made a few months ago after construction works uncovered ancient remains. Archeologists have not been able to further investigate the site because of the construction work and traffic flow in the area.

Meanwhile, the construction company claims that they have a decision of KKA which states that several holes (covered with glass) should be left in the concrete surface to keep the ancient structure visible


There holes, however, are nowhere to be found and the few holes in the concrete that were found were at a distance from the archeological site. Moreover, the KKA has released no official statement supporting the “solution” of the construction company. The most recent decision of the KKA was published in May.

The entire “urban renewal” project, heavily promoted by Durrës Mayor Vangjush Dako, has been mired in legal violations, an absence of transparency, and the destruction of archeological heritage. It also takes up 40% of the annual budget of Durrës in 2017.