From: Exit News
Vetëvendosje in Albania Protest against Detention of Activists in National Theater Rally

Dozens of citizens and members of the Self-Determination (Vetëvendosje) Center in Albania are protesting in front of the Tirana Court, where a verdict is expected on the detention of 8 activists arrested on May 17 during the protest against the demolition of the National Theater.

On Sunday, police escorted more than 35 people but only 8 were detained and brought before the court today.

Bojken Abazi, the leader of Vetëvendosje in Albania is among the detained. 

The others are: Erik Mërtiri, Endrit Mërtiri, Kastriot Qema, Romeo Lilo, Ledion Xhoxhaj, Burim Tafilica and Sokol Ndoja.

President Meta has called their arrest and detention politically motivated, and has demanded their release.

Vetëvendosje is the largest party in Kosovo. They have launched a branch in Albania since last year, in the form of an NGO.

Their center in Albania has organized several protests since then, as well as other social and political activities.