From: Exit News
Vetting Commission Confirms Judge Who Exonerated Former Minister Tahiri

Today, the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) decided to confirm Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Court judge Irena Gjoka despite issues with her wealth statements.

During the administrative investigation, KPK found at least three instances in which the judge had failed to declare or had inaccurately declared her wealth, including differing declared sources for the income used to purchase a domicile worth €45,000, failure to declare her share in her parents’ home, and discrepancies in her husband’s wealth declarations. Gjoka chalked these instances up to difficulties in understanding wealth declaration law at the time and denied any attempt to purposefully conceal her wealth.

Irena Gjoka is one of the three judges who ruled on the case of former Minister of the Interior Saimir Tahiri in September 2019. Alongside Ardit Mustafaj and Flora Hajredinaj, Gjoka cleared Tahiri of all charges of drug trafficking and sentenced him to 5 years in prison for breach of duty.