From: Exit Staff
Vora Residents Protest Demolition of 70 Buildings and Garden Without Notification from Municipality

Residents in Vora are protesting today over the construction of a road which will see some 70 buildings and a garden being demolished.

Those protesting said that the Municipality has not informed them about the project which will see homes, businesses, and public space destroyed. They said they will not let the employees of the private firm continue working.

“They will destroy the garden area and other buildings. The centre of Vora is being destroyed but we don’t know anything. They didn’t inform us that a road would be built,” one protestor said. 

They said they are determined not to allow the municipality to continue the work. 

Residents previously protested against plans to rebuild the area after the 26 November earthquake. They raised a number of concerns that even property that is not damaged is being demolished and that corruption scandals are behind much of the reconstruction plan. 

They said residents haven’t been given an explanation as to why undamaged buildings are being demolished, how they will be compensated, and where they will live while the new buildings are being built.