Voters Boycott Elections: KQZ Unofficially Reports 15.5% Turnout at 3pm

Central Election Commission (KQZ) spokesperson Drilona Hoxha provided updated voter turnout number for the June 30 local elections. According to the number provided to the KQZ by the different Commissions of Electoral Administration Zones (KZAZ), turnout was 15.5% at 3pm. 546,388 people had cast their vote. Several observers of the media have commented that young voters have been completely absent from the voting booths.

The KZAZ are dominated by the Socialist Party, after the KQZ refused to nominate commissioners from the opposition.

KQZ chairman Klement Zguri has called the KQZ numbers “unofficial” and “unconfirmed.” Meanwhile, the opposition has rejected the numbers, stating the their own observers have found voter turnout to be around 10% until 3pm.