From: Blendi Fevziu
What Is Ilir Meta’s Next Move?

Following one of the possible scenarios envisioned by the media, the Democratic Party has decided to continue the protest. After one of the biggest protests ever, PD has decided to stay on the boulevard until the Rama Government falls and is substituted with a technical government. The political argument of PD is not new. In a climate where the electoral reform cannot be achieved as required by the suggestions of the opposition; in a climate where the world of cannabis and crime is gaining power; in a situation where the parliament is full of people who are linked to crime, PD realizes that fair elections with this government are impossible. It thinks that the only way to compensate for an absent electoral reform is a technical government as a guarantee for all.

Naturally, the decision of PD is not an easy one and in terms of political calculation it cannot be compared to the PS’s April 2010 decision to enter a hunger strike. At the time the PS was in its first year after losing the elections, while the PD is currently only four months ahead to them. Basha’s decision to radicalize the situation, to organize a protest, and to find solution through it, presents an non-negotiable point. The PD cannot fail because a failure just four months before the elections would prove to be fatal. And while it could be fatal for the PD, it could become fatal even for free elections and the necessary political balance in the country. With this order, Basha has placed a tough bet with only a single direction: forward.

But PD’s decision to stay on the boulevard until a technical government is put in place, serves also as an invitation at a distance to the LSI. Now it is Ilir Meta’s turn. Because seven months ago, it was he who said that he was ready to support a technical government in order to give credibility to the elections. Now that the PD has turned this into the main condition for June 18, Meta has to declare openly whether he will keep his promise or not. So he has to declare whether he agrees with the condition of PD, or will proceed to stay in the current government. During the decriminalization process, it is probable that the numbers of the parliamentary groups will shift, and the position of Meta could prove to be decisive.

It is not at all certain whether the LSI will respond and whether Basha will be able to ignite the fire of the protest. But there is something that we cannot forget. Despite the success of the PD, the protest in itself is something dignified. When Albanians protest, society becomes better, those that govern become more cautious and grow more responsible before their electorate. Dignified people know how to protest, submissive people applaud. Between the two I would personally chose the former.