From: Exit Staff
Why was Luan Daci fired in 1997?

The member of the Special Appellate Panel, Luan Daci, was fired in 1997 because he kept secret a decision regarding a pyramid scheme for about 6 months and organized a strike in the court premises of Tirana.

These data result from the minutes of the meeting of the High Council of Justice, published by Balkan Web.

In the discussions in the HCJ, the Minister of Justice at that time, Thimjo Kondi stated that:

Luan Daci has taken a court decision to terminate the activity of the “Xhaferri” foundation, on April 30, 1996, and has kept the file in a drawer until October 2, 1996. Regardless of whether or not there is a criminal offence as a judge, you should not keep secret the documents on such an important issue, such as the one that erupted later, that the former Xhaferri foundation was a pyramid scheme. And this is considered a serious violation, at least for work discipline. “

Meanwhile, Daci has transferred the responsibility to the court secretary, emphasizing that he had clarified the decision in record time.

Luan Daci was accused of a series of other violations of the law, such as organizing a hunger strike together with the leaders of the PD of the time, Genc Pollo, Azem Hajdari and Shamban Memia in the court premises, obstructing judicial activities.

On July 27, the Special Prosecution Office against Corruption (SPAK) formally charged Daci with forging documents.

Daci was reported to SPAK by the former member of the High Prosecution Council, Besnik Cani. Former prosecutor Cani accuses Daci of hiding the HCJ decision to remove him from office for violating the law and incompetence.

During the interview in the ad hoc Parliamentary Commission, Daci hid his dismissal, claiming that he had resigned.

At the end of the investigation, the SPAK  requested suspension from office and accused Daci of falsifying documents.

On May 20, the Special Court against Corruption and Organized Crime decided to accept SPAK’s request for the suspension of Judge Daci, while on June 5, the Court of Appeals against Corruption and Organized Crime decided to reinstate him.