From: Exit Staff
Work on Turkish Hospital in Albania Begins

On Friday, Prime Minister Rama visited the construction site of the Fier hospital, where work has begun on its construction.

Rama reminded a Turkish engineer that the hospital should be completed within three months, as ordered by Turkish President Erdogan.

“We will do the construction as soon as possible,” said the engineer.

While Rama replied: “Three months! There is no ‘faster time possible!’ ”

While the Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku stated that the land-owning families have been expropriated:

“We have also carried out the expropriation phase. The process has been successfully closed. “

Some 12 families, owners of the land where the hospital will be built, initially refused to vacate the land.

The Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu said that the new hospital will offer all kinds of services, from emergency to surgery:

“All services from Emergency, URL, Surgery will be included, we will also include a COVID-19 ward that will help us to increase the current capacities.”

The construction of the Fier hospital was promised by President Erdogan during Rama’s visit to Turkey in the first days of January.

According to the statements of the Prime Minister, the hospital of Fier will be a public hospital and not a private one. It will be run by Turkish doctors for some time.