From: Exit Staff
Zoran Zaev Officially Resigns as Prime Minister of North Macedonia

Zoran Zaev has officially resigned as Prime Minister of North Macedonia after first announcing the decision in late October.

Dimitar Kovacevski, newly elected leader of the ruling SDSM, will replace Zaev as acting Prime Minister until mid-January 2022.

Zaev had originally announced his decision to resign in October, following his party’s crushing defeat in North Macedonia’s local elections. He was forced to postpone his resignation until a later date after his party risked losing their ruling majority when the Albanian party, Besa, defected to join the opposition.

The now former Prime Minister brokered a deal with Alternativa, another Albanian party, to maintain SDSM’s majority in parliament after surviving a no confidence vote in November.

SDSM has 20 days to submit the new government to Parliament for approval while VMRO-DPMNE, the main opposition party, is demanding early national elections.