Bulqiza, Three Chinese Miners Remain Stuck Underground

The Chines Embassy confirmed on Sunday that three Chinese miners remain stuck and that three others have been wounded in the chrome mine of Bulqiza after a methane explosion. The explosion happened on Saturday, while the miners were doing excavating in one of the shafts.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the shaft belongs to a concession given to Albchrome, which is part of Samir Mane’s Balfin Group. The work in the mine has been subcontracted to a Chinese company, Wenzhou Mining Co Ltd.

Rescue workers managed to retrieve three miners, none of which are in life-threatening conditions. The other three miners, who worked deeper inside the mine shaft, have remained stuck.

This is the second accident happening in an Albanian mine in two weeks. On January 27, a miner lost his life during the collapse of a min in Tropoja, while another was injured.