Court Compensates Former Bank of Albania Governor Fullani

The Administrative Court of Second Instance has decided that former governor of the Bank of Albania Ardian Fullani will be granted 56 monthly salaries compensation for his unjust dismissal and moral damages. The court decided, however, that Fullani did not have the right to return to his post.

In February 2016, Fullani filed charges against the Bank of Albania and Parliament for the unjust dismissal from his post as governor. He demanded monetary compensation and to be reinstated in his former post. The Administrative Court of First Instance denied the latter request while granting him a compensation of 12 monthly salaries. Fullani appealed the verdict, and now won a larger compensation. Fullani’s lawyers didn’t state whether they will appeal the verdict.

Parliament dismissed Fullani in September 2014, after he was arrested for abuse of office in relation to the theft of 713 million lekë (~€5.3 million) from the treasury of the Bank of Albania, as well as the procedure through which the Bank had acquired the Dajti Hotel building from the former government.

Fullani was placed under house arrest by order of the court until the completion of the investigation. The Prosecution demanded 5 years imprisonment, but all consecutive courts declared him innocent of any wrongdoing.