OShEE Director: There Is No Energy Crisis

OShEE director Adrian Çela, who took back his position after a director nominated by the PD as part of the McAllister+ agreement was dismissed, has stated that the company has secured enough energy for the month July.

In a telephonic interview with journalist Aurora Sulçe, Çela declared:

I should guarantee all citizens that the provision of electrical energy has been guaranteed. It’s true this is not produced by the hydropower system, but the the company [OShEE] has all the financial resources to guarantee the provision with electrical energy also through imports. Have now taken care of the month July and we are planning for the coming months.

Çela clarified that the frequent power outages of the last few days are the result of damage to the network, and not the lack of energy.

The director of the OShEE also announced that a Decision of the Council of Ministers to use the €22 million in World Bank credit may be approved by the Council in the coming days.