Pacolli Agrees with Haradinaj on Formation of Kosovo Government

A new government in Kosovo may be in sight. Since the parliamentary elections in June, and after pressure from the EU, New Kosovo Alliance Leader (AKR) and businessman Behgjet Pacolli abandoned his pre-electoral coalition with Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) leader and current Prime Minister Isa Mustafa to join forces with the winning PAN coalition of the elections led by former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj.

The combination of PAN + AKR would be able to gather enough votes to install proposed Speaker of Parliament Kadri Veseli, after which a new government can be constituted. PAN won 39 seats, to which it may now add the 4 seats of Pacolli’s AKR, as well as, supposedly, the 20 seats reserved for non-Albanian deputies.

This would mean that Mustafa’s LDK, together with Vetëvendosja, the largest single party in Parliament, would form a powerful opposition block.

In exchange for abandoning his pre-electoral coalition, Pacolli is said to get five ministries and the position of first deputy prime minister, as well as the presidency once current president Hashim Thaçi’s term will be over.

Pacolli is not a stranger to Albania, where his company Mabetex is involved in the destruction of Karavasta National Park in Divjaka.