From: Exit News
16 People to Be Prosecuted for Deaths following 26 November Earthquake

A total of 16 people will be tried for the construction of apartments in Durrës which collapsed during the November 26 earthquake and caused the death of 23 people.

The Durrës Prosecutor’s Office completed the investigation on Friday and submitted the file to the court.

The charges against the 16 defendants include ‘negligent homicide’, ‘abuse of office’ and ‘forgery of documents’:

  1. Ramiz Shehu, accused of ‘negligent murder’ 8 counts
  2. Nevjana Isufi, for forging documents
  3. Abdulla Osmani, accused of ‘negligent murder’ 2 counts
  4. Ruzhdi Xheka, accused of ‘negligent murder’ 2 counts
  5. Arben Isaku, accused of “abuse of duty”
  6. Aldo Dakoveli, accused of ‘abuse of office’
  7. Artur Terziu, accused of ‘forgery of documents’ and ‘misuse of land’
  8. Artur Çela, accused of ‘abuse of office’
  9. Clyde Lame, accused of ‘abuse of office’
  10. Flamur Gjuzi, accused of ‘abuse of office’
  11. Albrend Qetka, accused of ‘abuse of office’
  12. Skerdi Bello, accused of ‘abuse of office’
  13. Artenis Malko, accused of ‘abuse of office’
  14. Deshira Qato, accused of ‘negligent murder’.
  15. Arben Qato, accused of ‘abuse of office’
  16. Kujtim Hasa, accused of ‘abuse of office’

For Dëfrim Celami and Ahmet Doda, the prosecution decided to close the investigation.

In the earthquake of November 26, 51 people lost their lives, as a result of the collapse of apartments and buildings in Durrës and Thumanë.

As Exit News has previously written, it is clear that for some of the buildings, the determining cause for their collapse was the illegal actions of the builders and the negligence of the state.