From: Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
63% Does Not Believe Vetting Will Bring Justice

Even though the EU likes to deploy the magical number of 93% support for EU integration of Albania whenever it feels the justice reform is questioned or “attacked,” a recent poll conducted by independent human rights organization Albanian Helsinki Committee shows that the majority of Albanians do not believe the justice reform will bring actually justice.

The poll, for which 416 citizens from across the country were interviewed (by comparison, the Eurobarometer poll interviewed 1,000), included 4 questions:

– Do you think you have been sufficiently informed about the vetting?

– If you have followed the process, do you understand it sufficiently?

– If you have followed the process, do you believe it is just, based on the results so far?

– Do you believe that the vetting will truly clean the justice system and make the system better and more credible for citizens?

The first two questions received a generally positive response. 67% of the interviewees felt informed about the vetting, while 85% of those following the process understands the procedure.

When it comes to the belief that the vetting will be just and impartial and improve the rule of law and the justice system in Albania, 63% of the interviewees answers negatively.

This shows that one of the main aims of the justice reform – to increase the credibility of an independent justice – has failed. A great majority of Albanians, despite their support for the EU accession process, does not believe the justice reform will create a better judiciary, in spite of the relentless campaign of the government and the international diplomats in Albania to claim the contrary.

If anything, these numbers clearly show the failure of the government and internationals to offer a credible solution, while their justice reform has in the process practically destroyed whatever was left of the judiciary.