671 kg Cannabis Seized in Vlora

A warehouse containing 671 kg of cannabis was discovered today in the Karaburun area today, and a person was arrested.

The Vlora police found the drugs in the area known as the Valanidhi storehouses.

No exact information is known so far, but according to sources, the cannabis had been prepared to be shipped to Italy.

The police are still working to identify the persons who owned and tended to the warehouse.

According to what information is available until now, the operation that culminated in the seizure of the cannabis, had begun on May 20.

The cannabis would be sent to Italy via speedboat on May 20, by Italian 26-year-old Antonio Summa.

However, on the night of May 20, the speedboat conductor lost directions and was apprehended in Saranda’s waters with a speedboat containing 200 liters of gas. From that moment the police began investigations to uncover the trafficking ring.

According to his police statement, Summa received the speedboat from a friend of his, known as “Cosimo.” He stated that he departed from the Lecce coast in order to visit Greece, but lost his way and found himself in Saranda.

Antonio Summa has been ordered by the court to not leave Albania and is obligated to appear before the judicial police.