From: Exit News
771 Albanian Families Begin Receiving Government Grants for Earthquake Reconstruction

From June 24, 771 families from Kamza will be able to take out grants for repairing their homes who had been damaged by the November 26 earthquake.

Citizens may receive the grants approved by the Kamza municipal council at post offices.

A total of $1.6 million have been made available to aid these 771 families. 

Grants will be given out depending on the damage houses had received, which can be one of three categories:

  • The homes of 349 families have suffered DS1 damage (light damage);
  • The homes of 261 families have suffered DS2 damage (medium damage);
  • The homes of 161 families have suffered DS3 damage (heavy damage).

Kamza mayor Rakip Suli said that construction permits for these families have also been approved, so they can begin rebuilding as soon as they receive their grants.