From: Die Morina van Uijtregt
Albania and Kosovo With Agreement for Albanians of Serbia’s Presevo Valley

Albania and Kosovo signed several agreements on Friday aiming to improve cooperation between Albanians from Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and the Presevo Valley in Serbia.

Agreements were signed by the Deputy Minister for Europe and  Foreign Affairs of Albania, Gent Cakaj, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Meliza Haradinaj- Stublla and a representative of Albanian- majority Presevo Valley.

Cakaj said that Kosovo and Albania should have a unified foreign policy, especially on major issues.

One of the agreements signed is on financial support for Albanians in Montenegro. It was also agreed that Albanian political parties in Medvegja [Presevo Valley] to be unified.

“Now we have started a diplomatic action to increase the international sensitivity on the issue of Albanians in the Presevo Valley,” Cakaj said.

Haradinaj- Stublla said both countries are committed to the Euro-Atlantic path, while she mentioned the ongoing excavations in Serbia’s town of Kizevak, where mortal remains believed to be of Kosovo Albanian war victims were found.

“As we are holding this conference, the excavations in Kizevak are continuing and I wish the families can face this double- pain with strength,” she said.

In May, Kosovo’s Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani accused the Serbian government of implementing policies aimed at ethnically cleansing Albanians living in southern Serbia, in violation of human rights.

Osmani voiced concerns also raised at Exit News by researchers like Dr. Flora Ferati-Sachsenmaier who wrote on the alarming levels of depopulating Albanians from these regions through what is known as “passivation of residential addresses”.